Why Compounding Is Effective:

Every prescription from Raindrop Pharmacy is mixed specifically for each patient, based on their condition and what you request. The ingredients and components that make up every formulation are specifically selected for their synergistic qualities and collaborative effect on certain pain modalities. Since every prescription is made to order, Raindrop Pharmacy can address the unique characteristics of pain in each condition and circumstance.

Why Use Compounding Over Traditional Pharmaceuticals:

The topical application of a custom compounded cream has many advantages, including: 

• Delivers relief directly to pain receptors
• Minimizes absorption into the blood stream
• Blocks portions of the inflammatory cascade
• Quickly provides measurable and identifiable pain relief
• Greater effectiveness and results
• Produces fewer side effects
• Reduces the possibility of adverse drug interactions
• Formulations are non-addictive
• Minimizes oxidative stress
• Reduces organ toxicity
• Improves patient compliance and outcomes
• All medicinal ingredients are FDA approved Other Benefits of Compounded Medications

Compounding versus Manufacturing:


  • Mass produced, not customizable
  • No specific patient in mind when drug is produced
  • Prescriber must match patients to the product available
  • Economic considerations limit choices in drug dosages and dosage forms


  • Drugs created on patient-by-patient basis
  • Customizable formula is matched to each patient’s needs
  • Treatment is administered directly to the area of pain in the most effective dosage form available
  • Ingredients and dosages can be combined and adjusted for maximum effectiveness

Compounding Equipment We Use:

At Raindrop Pharmacy, we use the latest state-of-the-art equipment to formulate our custom transdermal creams:

  • Electronic (Digital) Balance: This device is absolutely necessary for efficient and accurate compounding.
  • Electronic Mortar & Pestles: The electronic and electro mortar and pestles provide pharmacists with the modern way to compound creams, gels and ointments.
  • Ointment Mill: The ointment mill reduces particle size of powders, crystals and creams into a smooth, finished, elegant, and odorless compound.

Safety and Quality Assurance in the Compounding Pharmacy:

We take all necessary precautions to offer maximal protection for both the compounder and the patients. Safety and quality are very important to compounding.

A workstation hood is used to provide maximum protection when compounding.

Identification of final products and patients who received them is important in the case of a recall or complaint.